Our Story

Our Vision

Our Story

Our Beginning

ūnēk label is the brainchild and creation of Mohammad Abbas- the “Gucci Baby”, an experienced and renowned designer known for his distinct styling and clean fits.

Mohammad Abbas, our founder and lead designer’s introduction to the fashion industry began from his birth. As his father (Mohammad Senior) worked for the iconic fashion house Gucci, from the early 1970’s in to the mid 90’s. Mastering the craft of fashion. Early on with the company, Senior became dear friends with Maurizio Gucci (aka Dr. Gucci), the heir to the Gucci empire. The company that was originally founded by Maurizio’s Grandfather in the 1800’s. Mohammad being the first born to the Chicago family, inherited the moniker ‘The Gucci Baby’. Senior, finally retired from the company the day after his friend and boss Dr. Gucci was assassinated mid 1995 in Rome.
Having lived and experienced this luxury fashion house through his early years, Mohammad now works to emulate the same customer experience and quality workmanship as done by an iconic and timeless brand with his own ūnēk label.

“Don’t be afraid of being ūnēk. Be afraid of being the same as everyone else”

-Mohammad Abbas “The Gucci Baby”

Our Commitment To You

“Each design is as original and ūnēk as you”

At ūnēk label each design is as distinct and ūnēk as the man who showcases it.